Howard Melnyczuk is a Developer, Designer, Photographer and Filmmaker.

His professional photography and video work has been featured on Vice’s The Creators Project , The Line Of Best Fit and the magazine London In Stereo. Past clients include Biletto, the fashion designers Leutton Postle and Bunbury Regional Art Gallery.

He received a First in Computational Arts from Goldsmiths College in 2017,
and a 2:1 (Hons) in BA Cinema & Photography from The University of Leeds in 2012.

He was awarded a residency with the V&A Museum for Rrosetta, an intelligent data-analysis Python system produced during his masters at Goldsmiths College. His work will be displayed at the V&A's Digital Design Weekend 2018.



Instagram: @melnyczuk

Tel: +61390 163250


Howard Melnyczuk is a rapid-learning and versatile junior developer, adept with Python, having experience working with computer-vision, machine learning and data-visualisation libraries. He has produced back-end server side applications and rapidly prototyped web-scraping scripts using agile approaches.

Libraries and frameworks include: Django, Scikit-learn, Tensorflow, NumPy, Pandas, Pickle, Matplotlib, OpenCV, PIL, NLTK, Beautiful Soup, Websockets, OSC, OAuth2Client, and ReportLab.

Selected Projects

Rrosetta, 2017

Rrosetta is an intelligent automated data-analysis installation and web-app that analyses a user's sent emails to produce a unique, bespoke one-off publication based on their likes and interests.

It does so utilising webscraping techniques, sentiment analysis, and automated layout design algorithms.

Made single-handedly in Python with Django, Rrosetta implements the Google OAuth2 authentication protocol alongside the Gmail API, with cloud deployment (via Heroku) that includes robust asynchronous threading and websocket file transfers.

The project went from concept to in-production deployment in 3 months, keeping to schedule and hitting weekly interim targets.

A clean, clear and well commented Git repository can be found here and more info about the project can be found at

JavaScript & Webdesign

Howard Melnyczuk has experience working with JavaScript in the production of functional, intuitive webdesign and unique Frontend applications, aswell as for Node applications. His focus is on user experience, combining affective usability with compelling webdesign. He is also adept with HTML and CSS.

Libraries, Frameworks and Node Modules: Express.js, THREE.js, D3.js, Raphaël, SVG.js, Twitter, fb,, OSC.js and jQuery.

Selected Projects

Free Wifi

Ratio Club


Just Watched & Felt

Like The Dawning Of A New Day

Selected Portraits

Howard Melnyczuk has developed a specialism in portrait photography that combines a fine art practice with commercial expertise.

Commissioned Reportage

Since graduating from the University of Leeds in 2012, Howard Melnyczuk has worked as a photographer in a freelance capacity. Clients have included Billetto, The Line of Best Fit, and Bunbury Regional Art Gallery. He has regularly produced content for both web and print media.